2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic


It’s Been Fun But Nothing Lasts Forever

I am sorry but life has been a bitch lately…for one thing my elderly mother (age 90) has been having increasing troubles including dementia, and I am strained between caring for her and holding down my job outside the home. Needless to say this does not leave a lot of time for artwork. I continue to make simple art pieces that I post on deviantART, but I feel that trying to keep 2 “twin” sites going is just too much work. Visitor stats here have been disappointingly flat.

From this time onward I shall post all fractal works at deviantART although I do not wish to remove this blog…since I might decide to return to it sometime in the future. Besides, why remove all my good work that somebody out there in WP-land can continue to enjoy? It’s been fun but, again, a lot of extra labor for very little gain…


Sterlingware Kaleidoscopes

(2 images.) I wasn’t sure how to categorize these, as they started out as 2D fractals but after some intense manipulating this was the result…



Polynomial Play

Not my best work ever, but it’s so much fun to just play around…