2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

It’s a marshmallow world

(2 images.)

Whoo hoo, my first Mandelbulb 3D almost-a-landscape…after I got lucky with adding a background picture and it worked perfectly! I’ve also been playing with high DE stops which results in some pretty amazing looks. I also like playing with the panoramic camera view, it can be tricky and a bit frustrating but I keep at it. 😉 I have some older params that didn’t work out, but when I put them through these new tricks I don’t recognize them anymore…they look much better!

I made two of these, with different color and little changes of lighting…and posted both since I like both…

its a marshmallow world

The shapes don’t exactly look like marshmallows, but they would have, if I had set the DE stop even higher…then they look like bland pillows, not as interesting. :mrgreen:

its a marshmallow world


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