2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

Oh, be careful…little eyes!

If this image were bigger, certain issues might not have been a problem for me. But as it is, there are rough areas and a little bit of pixelation, also I had trouble with the lighting and coloration. This is dark, but it hides the problems a little. A slight amount of photoshopping was done but it is minimal…just to clarify, sharpen, and boost the saturation. The dimensions were kept medium-size due to the very low RSM and SWL settings. That results in very long render times! Took me 16 hours just to make this one. A bigger image might take 2 days. But I have discovered that low settings are the only way to clean up params that can be very messy due to the oddities of certain formulas…

I’ve also heard that the closer you zoom in, the longer anything takes. I think this was a fairly close zoom b/c the “box” formulas seem to behave themselves, lol, not as much fogging out.

Can you find the smiling one-eyed clown ?



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