2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

Origami flower basket – or Celtic cross


Mandelbulb 3D still holds many mysteries…and surprises such as this one (another DE Combinate using Integer Power, CrossBiFold and Lorenz)… It looks a bit flat, almost like a 2D fractal, but it is a step forward, for in creating it I found it necessary to reset the Raystep Multiplier and other settings to very low numbers, in order to clear some of the ugly pixelation. It did help, although the rough areas are not entirely gone… Photoshop to the rescue, to clean it up as best I could.

I didn’t understand why the background became a flat color and could not be changed. I passed the params to a buddy who told me that he zoomed out to view the whole bulb. It looked like a branching column of pixels. The design posted here was in the very center. He said, “That yellow isn’t really the background either, it’s part of the bulb, the second formula or after.” I know when I played with it in Navigator and used the panoramic view, I was getting all kinds of nice designs, although at times it would do some very strange undesirable things (including weird BG colors). This is one of the most interesting params I’ve come up with so far, though!! I also need to learn how to get the Navigator to send my data back to the main window AS IS, not mucked up… I was told about Min R, but that setting mystifies me still. I’ve been told to use not only “Send all formula values” but ALSO the “Send values” option, which works after you have adjusted the Julia sliders even if only a little bit. I still have struggles, though, there is a lot to learn!


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