2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

Sierpinski Natural Bridge

(2 images.)

This was quite an accomplishment for me, if I may say so…my first ‘landscape’ in Mandelbulb 3D…took about 13 hours to render on this old 32-bit, not including another 30 mins or so for ambient shadows to calculate. I was expecting another long spell of playing with gradients and such, but the coloration actually looked OK. All I did was adjust Gamma a little, to lighten up the details in the darkest areas. Then in Paint Shop Pro (yep, that’s what I use, very similar to Photoshop) I thought I would tweak hues, to warm it all up a tad…even if it did cause the sky to turn greenish. I also thought the flat area at the very bottom of the scene would lend itself to a little addition of water. I wanted to make it look foggy and misty, and I did try that but it only blurs out the details so necessary in any MB3D image. I could paint in wisps of fog, maybe, but I don’t really know how to do that without spoiling something I put so much work into. I did decide to add in some clouds on that sky which looked much too flat to suit me (and I was recently advised about ZBuffer which is like Alpha). Finally I sharpened just a touch…and here is the final result …


This seemed to want to turn out smaller than the first one, but I guess that is okay…



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