2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

Sunny side up

Well, this is just weird. See, we were making breakfast this morning and….umm…I think the expiration date on my egg carton was a little past the time…there was something very strange inside a couple of the eggs….I flung it out in the yard but now it looks like this, it’s growing and I don’t know what it will do…another “Jack and the Beanstalk” situation? lol

Seriously…(???)…I was poking around in Mandelbulb 3D once again and happened on this, which had some solid parts amid the jagged things. Wondered what I could do to isolate the bits of interest…and HalTenny coincidentally had posted his latest journal entry about doing exactly that…thanks, Hal! I realize my progress in MB is going at the pace of rock erosion…but we’re trying…honest.

Granted, this experimental piece is ugly…nothing pretty about it. But I just wanted to prove to all that I am making a microscopic amount of progress…it would help loads if I had a better computer for the job…



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