2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

Experiments with metallurgy

(2 images.)

This took 15 hrs to render (true, no lie) and another 90 minutes or so to figure out the coloration and the lighting… MB3D is fun but time consuming, ya gotta have dedication…and ya gotta be able to see beauty in stuff that looks like ragged, twisted chunks of metal…


This (below) is from the first image of this post; looks totally different, doesn’t it? On this I took a section of the earlier scene, rotated it and zoomed in and found some really interesting stuff….I know it has the same “look” as those “box” formulas but I am still new at this, still exploring and learning.

This had some deeper areas that allowed me to do more experimenting with fog effects. I like to be subtle with fog, I don’t care for the glaring appearance that can essentially wipe out details (and I love my details). I decided to try a complementary approach with the fog color, something that would offset the warm tones, so I went with a nice blue. And the result was a pleasing mix of warm and cool, resulting in nice greenish hues…



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