2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

In the Tetra jungle

(2 images.)


Real surprise here, again…in mucking around with an older Tetra design that I was never happy with, I finally ran across this…a stylized tree! 😀

I have been trying to learn how to “isolate structures” in MB but so far my efforts have not been very good…I can do it, but the results are ugly and raggedy… And so I continue to rely on the fog effect… Maybe the raggedness in this image (I mean while I was trying to cut in with Z-end from behind) was caused by the parameters and the complexity of the image, IDK…

I reduced the far plane number and played with the Z End numbers, and got rid of some of the BG, but it didn’t just fog them out, it made them look ragged until I felt like the scene was looking worse instead of better. Could be the whole “object” didn’t have enough really deep/faraway areas to do this successfully. Maybe next time. At least now I know what to do…

I can never make up my mind about color schemes. But I like both of these…two different looks and different moods… I can see eyes looking out furtively also…might be a fox…



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