2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

Seriously pretty flower


No way, I can’t resist flower patterns and shapes… 😀 And this was one of those ‘spots’ that looks nice with almost any color scheme, I had trouble choosing just one!

This is not absolutely ruler straight across either, but a slightly skewed angle sometimes makes the image more agreeable to my eye; and otherwise I’m thinking What the hey, we’re being casual here anyway, this is not a formal online college study course…

I suppose if it WERE ruler straight, some areas where I see roughness might look smoother. But that is a problem in Fractal Explorer that I have yet to conquer… If I make a 3D image (and I confess I have gotten away from that, it is very difficult and makes demands on my limited time and patience!) I sometimes have the same problem, some ripply or rough spots…


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