2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

Little windows


A couple of “firsts” here… For one thing, I used a color other than black or white for the “infinity” color, since that was where the “windows” are and I didn’t necessarily want them to look black or white….so logically it was a choice of a “sky” color. More importantly, I was able to render a 9000 x 9000 piece without blowing up my XP computer! 😀 However, I did not use anti-aliasing in this case, as I feel certain the computer could not have managed it (I say this from past experience). Of course this image has been simply downsized by 1/3, then I used very light sharpening and noise-reduction. The result might not be quite as smooth and perfect as what a Fractal Explorer professional (with a bigger computer CPU!) can do, but for me it’s pretty good…considering the amount of detail in this… I have noticed that saturation enhancement can also help the details so that further sharpening, etc. is not necessary… I see a bit of jaggedness in some places, but with AA’ing I might have seen that anyway (which I sometimes do see)…

Overall, though, I am pretty well satisfied…


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