2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

Arial View of a Petrified Forest

I had hoped my latest effort in Mandelbulb 3D would produce a fine scene of things that look like Christmas trees on a hillside… Well, I was a bit disappointed since I had the wrong formula to achieve that, but I went ahead with it anyway as everything else seemed to go well enough. Mr Tenny aided me by advising about the far-plane setting and the Z-end numbers, also the fog settings. I forgot about the fog slider in the Navigator (!) but the main fog tabs also seemed to work fairly well even if this isn’t exactly what I had in mind…

Mr Tenny prefers not to display works in full resolution. I have never come to concrete conclusions about that. However, the odd thing about this image is that, viewed at middling size, it does give more of an impression of trees than when you zoom in on it. By zooming you can see some pretty designs although the “trees” begin to look more like piles of rocks, LOL. Oh well! It will take me years to get good at this…



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