2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

BenesiPow Image 2

My buddy at deviantART was right, this formula is a tough one to work with! I found it impossible to zoom in and “chase” some of those intriguing little shapes and designs visible in the earlier image. They kept disappearing! No hearts or shells here…but this was something I thought was interesting in any case…and I changed the hues a little bit for variety…

Like all of my other M3D images, this is not the best quality (even at higher resolution) and I understand now that the “masters” get such smooth clean images because they probably render at really large sizes, and then when they downsize the final result cleans up nicely… If I tried to render something at maybe 12,000 x 12,000 it would take a month to render it…and I won’t wait that long….especially when the final outcome is sometimes a disappointment anyway.



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