2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

A Tetra Cathedral

I would venture to say that this might be the best Mandelbulb 3D image I have ever made….and that isn’t saying much since I’m still not very good at it and my control over the program is questionable at best… But I did make this all on my own (based on those earlier tetra combinations of mine) except for some help from Mr Hal Tenny, who got it centered when I found it impossible to get it to look symmetrical…

The resolution here is not the best ( and I don’t like those stringy lines, I don’t know why they are in there ). But, I have been keeping my dimensions down to save rendering time, although this kind of image has been taking 3 to 4 hours (not that bad on this old XP) and something twice this size would take 6 to 8 hrs which could be done overnight. I really need to stay away from params that require 24-36 hours, no one should have to wait that long… The learning process for dummies like me can be accelerated a bit if images can be created a little faster…



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