2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

A Gimpy Kaleidoscope


I know, it’s been a while since I posted here, but what a job it’s been getting moved over to my Windows 8.1 laptop. Not much time to play lately smiley crazyeyes …My old XP desktop seems to be dying, my older bro has it in his “shop” but I don’t know anything yet, whether he can rescue it or not. I have most of my stuff backed up although not 100 percent. The other problem is that some of my favorite programs are incompatible with this new Windows, one being Fractal Explorer which works but not as well as on the old desktop. We will just have to see how it goes!

I have been doing a little more with Gimp although I don’t know much about it. I just do basic stuff in there. In digging around I pulled out this recent line drawing made in Gimp that I liked but didn’t know what to do to enhance it. Finally got poking at the filters again (G’Mic does rock!) and found a few kaleidoscope filters I didn’t realize were in there. Also located the color-enhancement option which was greatly needed! This looks fairly good except I forgot that I already had it signed…so now I have about a half dozen signatures on it! And I don’t care for those extra lines so obvious when you look closer. rolleye0001 Oh well…we try! I just wanted my viewers to know I’m still around…


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  1. I know you are busy, so just keep popping in when you can 🙂 I do really like this, and have bookmarked it for when I get back into the digital art mood. Right now, I’m sewing. (I sound like I have attention problems – which I probably do, but its fun, ha!)

    April 8, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    • Yes, I long to get back to abstract art, but I have a huge folder of photos from 2013’s gardening season that I’m “cheating” a bit with and posting (or scheduling) for this year… Some things don’t change much so no one would be able to tell whether it’s an older photo or not. Even things that DO change over time are fine to commemorate….such as my Iris, between the excessive rain and Iris borer I have lost many of them, and thinning the iris patches is a ton of work, not good for someone with a bad back… I had a lot of photo work on Webshots until it changed and became that nasty Smile site, which ruined all my carefully organized albums… I won’t be showing all the work I had there, but I can dig up some of the best images and process them for display here…

      Anyway this line drawing cum Kaleidoscope has given me some inspiration to do more scribbling at work, on paper towels…so childishly basic and yet, look what Gimp can do with it! It would also be possible to make a kaleidoscope in my Paint Shop Pro. In that, you can take a photo or anything and make them. And as I recall, PSP doesn’t make those “cut” lines either…

      April 8, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    • I have an attention problem too, but it’s what my niece jokingly called “tunnel vision,” meaning I have a one track mind and can’t function properly unless I can concentrate on one task or project at a time… In artwork if I try to work with more than one program, the results are not as good as if I just focus on one “track”… some of us are weird the way our brains are wired… Zen says she is very different but I think I am unusual too….

      April 8, 2014 at 5:05 pm

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