2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

Weird Fungi or Vegetation – Third Heightmap Test


My third height map render and best yet! Basic lighting and even basic coloration, but after diddling with the settings I came back to this one which IMO showed the shapes best. Wasn’t sure what to do about a misty look, dynamic fog seemed harsh on this and Depth slider made it dull (although Far Plane might be worth a go). So I took the old “photographer” approach (and I am a photographer first and foremost although not necessarily OLD, lol) and applied a few filtering tricks of the trade 😉 … That is why I think “3D manipulations” might apply here although that is usually a gray area for me, as I usually don’t do a ton of filtering…

Still don’t know what I’m doing or how certain things happen, too much time gets wasted on frustration. The learning curve here will be similar to my basic learning curve in M3d, it will take a while before I “memorize” which formulas or combinations or calculations get what results.


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