2D and 3D imagery by a fractal fanatic

ABox_Icen1 and AmazingSurf Mix


I am so chuffed about this one… When having problems getting designs in Navigator to the main View without them constantly falling apart, I was advised to make some changes to the raystep multiplier and stepwidth limiter which I believe are the defaults. That helped! When some areas were still quite messy, I moved RSM back down to the settings I’ve used lately, but made no further change to SWL. Cleaned the messy areas right up! To try to insure that I will get a clean image, I have been setting stepcount for binary search and smooth normals very high. This time I set them even higher. Result–the best “complex” image I have made yet! and almost exactly what was showing on the Navigator to start with… whoo hoo

The actual design isn’t too visually exciting, but finding out more tricks to increase image quality is exciting to me 😀


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