It’s Been Fun But Nothing Lasts Forever

I am sorry but life has been a bitch lately…for one thing my elderly mother (age 90) has been having increasing troubles including dementia, and I am strained between caring for her and holding down my job outside the home. Needless to say this does not leave a lot of time for artwork. I continue to make simple art pieces that I post on deviantART, but I feel that trying to keep 2 “twin” sites going is just too much work. Visitor stats here have been disappointingly flat.

From this time onward I shall post all fractal works at deviantART although I do not wish to remove this blog…since I might decide to return to it sometime in the future. Besides, why remove all my good work that somebody out there in WP-land can continue to enjoy? It’s been fun but, again, a lot of extra labor for very little gain…


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