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Sterlingware Kaleidoscopes

(2 images.) I wasn’t sure how to categorize these, as they started out as 2D fractals but after some intense manipulating this was the result…




Ajax Mandala


So titled because it was made with an “Ajax” formula in Fractal Explorer…

This might look messy until you zoom in on it (that was why I went back to showing pieces at full size, to show off the details I worked so hard on!), then you can see evidences of the filtering (only a little) I used to clean it up. First a touch of Fractalius and then, something called Titanium which makes wiggly lines around things…in this case the right approach, as it certainly got rid of those rough jagged areas I am plagued with every time I make a design like this with spokes coming from the center…

Quantum LogCounting Design


This was made into a kaleidoscope (or kaleidoscopic-type design…thingy??) because I wasn’t satisfied with the origial image… 🙂