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Sterlingware Kaleidoscopes

(2 images.) I wasn’t sure how to categorize these, as they started out as 2D fractals but after some intense manipulating this was the result…




Quantum LogCounting Design


This was made into a kaleidoscope (or kaleidoscopic-type design…thingy??) because I wasn’t satisfied with the origial image… 🙂

Some More Kaleidoscope Fun

(3 images.)

These are addictive!…as well as quick and easy to make (nice for those of us whose free time is spotty at best). Paint Shop Pro 7 (yes, I am a die-hard, hanging onto my old stuff so I don’t have to keep spending money!) does a great job of turning almost anything into a kaleidoscope. I must say that it even beats Gimp, or any of those kaleidoscope-makers on the net where you insert your own image.

The first of these has too much white, a bit hard on the eyes, but looks best viewed at full size. It was a JPG at first and I forgot that, so after the manips it is slightly “soft”…

The 2nd and 3rd ones were made originally with Gimp, but I wanted to do more….so I whipped out the Jasc magic, did some manipulating, and now they do look better. I am not keen on all those signatures multiplied in the 2nd one, I promise you I am not narcissistic, LOL. The last looks like it has shells and rocks in the middle…cool!

And from what I understand, kaleidoscopes are NOT fractals…maybe I should change the byline of this blog…hhmm.